10 Hyperlocal Food Experiences Around the World

Sushi is just one of the delights you can enjoy on a bespoke tour
Sushi is just one of the delights you can enjoy on a bespoke tour
Meet a food-loving local and lift the lid on the most original gastronomic experiences these culinary capitals have to offer – savouring local specialities along the way.

For many, the most exciting thing about travel is the cuisine. And for the best experience, let a local be your guide. Whether it’s visiting a lively market packed with artisan traders, relaxing in a family home, or attending a cookery class led by award-winning chefs, now you can fill your belly while learning all about the intricate culinary traditions of the country you’re visiting.

ActivitiesDinner With a Local Family, Paris
From $117 per person
2 hours
4.5 (47)

Parisian food is up there with the world’s finest – and this experience proves you don’t have to eat in Michelin-starred restaurants to savour the best. Relax in the home of a local English-speaking family with a glass of wine while your four-course meal is prepared. As you dine on a range of French classics, you’ll discover what Parisian life round the dining table is really like and get to know your hosts and new friends in a laid-back atmosphere.

ToursEthnic Food & Culture Tour, Los Angeles
From $88 per person
4 hours
4 (3)

California is home to a multicultural population that offers an equally diverse and thriving food scene. From Hispanic-American recipes to ethnic influences, it’s all about innovation and flavour. This food and culture tour will take you on a gastronomical expedition of Los Angeles, showcasing treats from local markets, restaurants and bakeries, and give you an insight into the roots of Californian cuisine. Stop by the lesser-known LA landmarks and celebrate the diversity of the people, food and culture that make the city what it is today.

ActivitiesAdventurous Japanese Food Tour, Tokyo
From $109 per person
2 hours 30 minutes
5 (4)

Japan is renowned as a foodie paradise, but there’s so much more to it than ramen and sushi. Meet an expert and be guided through the backstreets of Ginza. Go off the beaten path and taste Japanese delicacies that you’ll only ever find in family-run eateries. From horse sashimi to fresh fugu (blowfish), this experience is for the more adventurous foodie, intent on discovering a world beyond the classic bowl of udon noodles. Groups are limited to 15 people to guarantee a more personal experience and the chance to ask your expert food guide any questions you may have.

ToursNYC Food Cart Walking Tour, New York
From $58 per person
2 hours
5 (62)

As you explore the city that never sleeps, you’ll spot (and smell) these curbside kitchens on just about every street corner – and they rarely disappoint. This tour provides a local food-cart fanatic to lead you to the best of them: sample classic hot dogs, freshly baked pretzels, plus a huge spread of tantalising cuisines that represent the city’s diverse population. From Greek souvlaki to Korean short ribs and Mexican chocolate brownies, what you eat depends on what carts you stumble upon. The only prerequisite is that you turn up hungry – and ready to explore a different side of the Big Apple by foot.

ActivitiesTraditional Jewish Shabbat Dinner, Tel Aviv
From $84 per person
2 hours 30 minutes

Shabbat is a fundamental part of Jewish culture and where better to learn about it than by enjoying the traditional dinner in a Jewish family home. Inspired by centuries-old traditions, your delicious kosher dinner will consist of classic Jewish dishes – from freshly baked challah bread to tabouleh salad served with sweet Israeli wine. Drinks are included, but you can bring a bottle of your own to share with like-minded travellers as you tuck in.

ToursSecret London Bridge & Borough Market Food Tour, London
From $93 per person
3 hours 30 minutes
5 (133)

When it comes to food, the UK has a lot of stiff competition from Europe – but there’s no doubt London is rising to the challenge. This secret food tour will introduce you to the classics. Who would want to miss the chance to chow down on traditional fish and chips, snack on local street food, and indulge in iconic British desserts? All washed down with fruity London cider or a cup of English breakfast tea in quintessential style. Here, you’ll discover the city’s hidden foodie spots, meet local market traders, and learn all about London’s latest food trends.

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ToursChocolatier Experience, Vienna
From $33 per person
1 hour 30 minutes
4.5 (8)

Chocoholics, rejoice. In Vienna, they take chocolate very seriously and the cocoa bean is widely revered. Become a chocolatier for the day and make your own tasty bars from scratch. Learn all about the history of the bean and the seven steps of chocolate consumption on what promises to be a truly sensory experience. There’ll also be a lesson on the science behind chocolate making; then round off your tour with a trip to the chocolate museum for more sweet treats and facts.

ToursCzech Beer & Tapas Walking Tour, Prague
From $76 per person
3 to 4 hours
5 (293)

In Prague, you’re never more than a few feet away from a cold and foamy beer, but you’ll have to knock back a fair few to determine the best. That approach may well appeal to many, but for those who like to cut to the chase, this beer-fuelled tour is a safe and merry bet. Follow your guide around the Czech capital’s best watering holes, and learn about its long-held passion for beer. You’ll meander through the trendy Žižkov and Vinohrady districts, visiting different pubs with plenty of ales on tap ranging from classic pilsners to modern-day microbrews. Beers are served alongside hearty bar snacks such as pork chilli and pickled sausage – while your guide entertains you with fascinating facts and stories about Czech culture.

ToursOld Delhi Street Food Tour, Delhi
From $28 per person
4 hours
5 (13)

The Delhi street-food scene is thriving and what better way to embrace it than with a local guide on a four-hour tour through the city streets? Prepare to savour popular local snacks such as traditional aloo chaat and syrup-soaked jalebis; you’ll also sample traditional drinks and meet some enthusiastic locals. Stroll through Asia’s biggest spice market and visit some of Delhi landmarks. By the end of the tour, you’ll have learnt all about the interesting history of Delhi and eaten your way around one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

ClassSeafood Cooking Class, Sydney
From $64 per person
2 hours
5 (1)

Thanks to its surrounding coastline, Australia is a seafood-lover’s dream – and Sydney is no exception. Hosted by Sydney Seafood School, this cooking class gets underway at Sydney Fish Market, where you’ll select the ingredients you need to prepare several popular dishes from scratch. Try black pepper crab, vine leaf-wrapped garfish or go all out with an Aussie-style seafood paella. Your feast is paired with local wines that you can enjoy with your fellow foodies, and there’s a culinary expert on hand to teach you about the history of Australian seafood, and the modern approach, while you cook.