New York City

New York City

Insider Travel Guide to New York City

A densely populated metropolis nearly half of whose residents were born outside the USA, New York City really embraces the term “melting pot.” Every corner of the world is packed i... Read More

Best of New York tourism

The majority of New York’s best-known tourist attractions can be found in Manhattan. Just south of Central Park, midtown – home to Times Square, Broadway and many iconic skyscrapers – has all the glitz and glamor of the city that never sleeps. Lower Manhattan is crammed with cool districts, including the West and East villages, the très chic Nolita neighborhood and the shopping destination SoHo. Many visitors spend their entire visit in Manhattan alone, but the city’s four outer boroughs have plenty of their own charm and things to do. Brooklyn is the hippest of the bunch, boasting experimental nightclubs, gorgeous brownstone buildings and unrivaled views of Manhattan’s skyline across the East River. Queens is blessed with green spaces and great restaurants, while the Bronx has Yankee Stadium and the New York Botanical Garden. Known for its free commuter ferry, Staten Island is the least busy and greenest of the five, giving New Yorkers a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Neighborhoods in New York City